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Innovative Residential Complex “Shchastia”

Lvivbud Construction Corporation has been building residential and commercial buildings for over 11 years. The team of highly qualified specialists was involved in the construction of 47 projects in Lviv and Kiev, including residential complexes “Andy Warhol”, “Manhattan”, “Baker Street”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Edgar Degas”, “Elyseum”. Currently, 16 residential facilities are being erected, including: residential complex “Shchastia”, “Lvivsky Kvartal”, “Velyka Britania”, “Ameryka”, “Avalon”etc. The company successfully implements the latest programs and technologies in the construction process. In Ternopil, on Tarnavskogo Street, the first city’s innovative residential complex “Shchastia” is being built. Oleksandr Dubovyk and Yuriy Kovalchuk, executives of “Lvivbud”, tell about the implemented projects and large-scale plans.

– “Lvivbud” Company has been operating in the construction market for more than 11 years. What services are offered to the clients?

Oleksandr Dubovyk: – Our company performs a full range of complex works, ranging from the preparatory construction works to the commissioning of the building. Many years of experience, professionalism and pursuit of innovation enable us to implement such large-scale projects. Decisive factor behind this success is the reliability of our company, and a guarantee not only of fast, but most importantly a qualitative work. Our partners are well-known construction corporations in Ukraine – “AvalonInc” and “Riel”. We cooperate on the basis of a contract and join such projects in Lviv and Kyiv, and now in Ternopil we are building a residential complex together with “MAKBUD” Company.

– Tell us about the latest programs and technologies implemented by “Lvivbud”.

Oleksandr Dubovyk: – We build the most comfortable housing for a person who looks to the future and wants to get ahead of time. For this purpose we introduce the latest technologies and innovations, such as ventilated facade, energy-saving utilities, installation of solar collectors, panels, heat accumulators that produce energy to illuminate the surrounding building area, to provide heating and hot water supply. The buildings are equipped with energy-saving elevators. This all allows apartment owners to save significantly on energy in the future.

Yuriy Kovalchuk: – We pay a lot of attention not only to the comfort but also to the safety. The facilities that our company builds are equipped with fully automated fire extinguishing system installed in the underground parking. A number of parking lots will be specially equipped with charging systems for electric cars. Each of these innovations is implemented by companies that have many years of experience in the development of systems of such a technology. There will be no cars parked in the surrounding building area of RC “Shchastia”. This gives an opportunity to create maximum safe conditions for children who walk and play in the yard.

– “Lvivbud” Company builds houses with the ventilated facades. Tell us about the benefits of this construction.

Yuriy Kovalchuk: We are one of the first to build such houses in Ternopil. They are built in brick ceramics, which is a much faster process than in brick, and the characteristics of this material are much better. The facade is lined with porcelain tile, which creates a contemporary European appearance. The material has a long service life. A porcelain tile and a 12 cm layer of mineral wool ensure the indoor storage of heat in the winter and cool in the summer, and provide reliable sound insulation. In order to further save energy and create comfort, profile three-chamber windows are installed. An apartment is put into operation with a boiler, plastic panoramic windows and radiators. Walls are made for finishing painting.

Oleksandr Dubovyk: We use the highest quality materials at all levels of construction. For example, when erecting the underground parking, we install special-quality trays that withstand road salt, ingress of fuel and lubricants from cars. Speaking of the facade, it is made of granite, which has a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

- What else is different in the houses of RC "Shchastia" from standard buildings?

Oleksandr Dubovyk: – At the moment, the second phase of construction is underway. In total, there are 7 queues and the construction of a sports complex, which will consolidate this territory. One queue takes one year to complete. “Lvivbud” uses only the materials specified in the project. This means that the facade design will no longer change. Everyone can see the whole project in 3D visualization in our consulting center, which is opened on 47A Kniazia Ostrozkogo Str.

– You have already mentioned that the sports complex will be built.

Oleksandr Dubovyk: – Yes, the sports complex will have a football field on the roof. We plan to light it up with the wind power plants. This is a startup for Ternopil, who was the first in the world to invent a windmill that can be used to build residential complexes. Wind energy testing stations are now being installed.

Yuriy Kovalchuk: – In the residential complex, we use almost all advanced construction technologies. The highlight of the complex will be the rooftop terraces, where there will be a barbecue, relaxation and suntan area and showers. Mobile landscaping will be installed and a special room will be provided for storing plants in the winter. On the first floors of the houses of all the queues there will be a commercial area, which will include markets, pharmacies, beauty salons, notary office, mini ambulatory, and day group of children’s leisure. There will be a small area in the underground parking for separate collection and sorting of waste.

– That is, RC “Shchastia” will be like a small town. What structure will serve the houses?

Yuriy Kovalchuk: To manage the housing complex, a management company with staff will be set up, including concierge staff, who will monitor the quality of the residents’ services, waste collection, cleanliness, emergency and repair crews.

– What relationship to RC “Shchastia” in Ternopil does “MAKBUD” Company have, because earlier there was an information that it built the complex?

Yuriy Kovalchuk: – “MAKBUD” Company is the project general contractor. We contributed to the construction as the subcontracting organization and as the project partner. Our main task is to build all the queues of the complex qualitatively and on time.

– How long will it take to build RC “Shchastia”?

Oleksandr Dubovyk: – Construction of the residential complex in Ternopil will take 5 years. Citizen of Ternopil will be able to move into apartment building of the second queue in the summer of 2019.

Yuriy Kovalchuk: – Purchase of apartment is more profitable now that construction is still in progress. It’s because the price in this period is 30% less. Also, when buying an apartment, it is possible to use the interest-free installment system provided by the Housing Investment Fund. Such installment is granted for one year prior to the commissioning of the house. If the customer wants a longer term for the loan, they can use the bank’s loan program. We are currently negotiating with several banks to provide the best deals for our customers.


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