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Preparatory and ground works

Preparing facility for construction is a guarantee of successful completion of the project! Qualitative preparatory processes before the start of construction works – professionally and promptly. Set of works on preparation of facilities for construction and reconstruction is performed by qualified specialists. They are responsible for solving problems and use their own experience. Qualified teams of specialists and modern technical equipment are involved in the preparatory and ground works. Particular attention is paid to the selection of quality materials.

What we offer

Preparatory works (that precede ground ones) include: clearing of the construction site from the stumps, shrubs, trees, large stones, demolition of the buildings, as well as removal of existing utilities from the construction site; geodetic breakdown of the planned structures, drainage and water drawdown.

For clearing of the territory, the following is widely used: construction machines and small mechanization means, for example, tractors, bulldozers (for the stumps of up to 40 cm in diameter), rolling winches and machines (for the stumps of more than 40 cm in diameter), as well as clearing units, brush cutters and excavators with special equipment. At large volume of works, large trees are felled by motor or electric dust. Bulldozers, scrapers, graders and excavators are used for the production of planning works after the clearing of the construction site with conventional cohesive soils.