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RC “Edeldorf”


Edelburg Development


42 Staronavodnytska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

RC “Edeldorf”

Restraint and functionality of modern architecture, innovation engineering solutions, unprecedented convenience conditions for people and the best location in the heart of the aristocratic Pechersk – all these benefits are organically combined in the residential complex “Edeldorf”.

The name “Edeldorf”, which is translated from German as “noble village”, was not chosen by chance, because the residential complex was built in the area of Tsarske Selo, which has become synonymous with prestige and high status long ago. It is here that you will find the developed infrastructure and fantastic scenery, and in “Edeldorf” – yet unsurpassed German construction quality and the best service.


Project area

49 294,25 м2

Construction status

Construction in progress

Types of works

General construction and assembly works

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