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RC “Edgar Degas”


BC "Riel"


8 O. Stepanivny Str., Lviv, Ukraine

RC “Edgar Degas”

Sophisticated and perfect – this is how RC “Edgar Degas” can be briefly described. This house located in the Lviv city center is the embodiment of the beautiful dreams of architects about romantic life within the house. The developer took care of the comfort and safety of the residents by constructing a house using monolithic frame technology. All 3 sections on 8-9 floors are built of ceramic brick and insulated outside. Plastic windows with a four-chamber profile are designed to save heat in RC “Edgar Degas”, and the entrance metal doors will take care of fire safety and protection against breakage. The weather in the house will be provided by the double circuit boiler and steel radiators. The area where RC “Edgar Degas” is located may be considered one of the best in Lviv.

Project area

5765,28 м²

Construction status

Completed construction

Types of works

Finishing, engineering

Next project

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