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LvivTech.City is an innovative park in Lviv




Stryiska Str., Lviv, Ukraine

LvivTech.City is an innovative park in Lviv

The residents of the park will include high-tech IT, energy and biotechnology companies, R&D centers, incubators and accelerators, educational projects in the fields of IT, design and more.

Lviv has a high potential for high-tech industry development. The city has a large number of universities with over 4,000 IT specialists graduating every year. There are more than 200 IT companies working here, and the demand for their services is growing by about 20% every year.

Project area

5232 м²

Construction status

Stryiska Str., Lviv, Ukraine

Types of works

Monolithic frame works

UFuture has a diversified portfolio of assets across industries, from real estate, infrastructure and industry to innovative parks, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals. Priority activity of the investment group is development of business of the future, which promote increase of competitiveness of Ukraine in the global market. The total assets cost of the group is $ 750 million.

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A state-of-the-art and comfortable city in a city that functions in the “Live – Work – Learn – Rest” ecosystem. Its infrastructure differs not only in functionality and aesthetics, but also in quality of construction and modern energy efficiency technologies. And most importantly, it is an environment of like-minded people, comfortable space and special services that allow resident companies to fully focus on work and grow.

More than 60,000 square meters of social and technological infrastructure including offices, coworkings, creative spaces as well as gyms, lounges, underground car and bicycle parking, and a modern cafe.

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